Accessories Rotaid AED Cabinet



  • For indoor and outdoor usage
  • Solid and safe construction
  • Storage box for transformer unit
  • Custom made designs and panels



  • Create maximum attention
  • Tailor made design
  • Trespa with UV-print


The Rotaid AED Cabinets totem allows for a stand alone in- and outdoor installation of your defibrillator.

The solid construction and high quality appearance make sure your defibrillator stands out and can be securely placed in practically all environments and situations.

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The modular set-up ensures an easy installation and the totem can easily be demounted when used for training and trade show purposes.

On the front, back and top of the totem, information and branding panels can be mounted. These panels are custom made, connecting to the customer’s request and location, making sure the totem aligns perfectly with its surroundings.

The cabinet is safely mounted on the totem and the solid steel construction allows for installation in the most demanding environments. The double powder coated finish ensures a long-lasting appearance.

• Training and fares
• Stand alone installations
• Locations with no wall mounting possibilities
• Outdoor installations
• Renting and eventing

• Custom made design
• Full colour UV protected printing
• Allows for fixed floor mounting
• In combination with all Rotaid cabinets

Width: 700 mm
Height: 1615 mm
Weight: 40 kg

Width: 700 mm round
Thickness: 5 mm high
Material: Steel, powder-coated

Uprights / Stairs
Width: 560 mm
Height: 1715 mm
Thickness pole: 60 mm
Material: Steel, powder-coated

Width: 394 mm
Height: 1075 mm
Material: Dibond, 3 mm thick


The Rotaid backboard ensures that more attention is drawn to your life saving equipment. A valuable tool for instructing bystanders and responders, thank a sponsor or create awareness.

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Its unique form connects flawlessly with the Rotaid cabinet, resulting in an eye-catching combination with very high appearance and a sturdy look and feel.
The tailor-made backboards are designed to your specific requirements by our in-house design team ensuring that it connects with its location, surroundings and audience. It can also display instructions, contact details and your logo.
Made from Trespa and printed with special UV paint, the backboard allows for in- and outdoor use and will maintain its high quality appearance for many years.

Rotaid backboard specifications

Dimensions board
Lenght: 41 cm / 16,14"
Width: 48 cm / 18,90"
Dept: 0,8 cm / 0,31"
Weight: 2 kg / 4,41 lbs

Dimensions board with cabinet
Lenght: 89 cm / 35,04"
Width: 48 cm / 18,90"
Dept: 18 cm / 7,10"
Weight: 8,7 kg / 19,18 lbs


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